“A thread is much more than just a line of fiber.
A thread has its own story that speaks of all the hands that it
have caressed, worked and woven.

A thread is a journey that unites the lands in which it is born up to the bodies on which it rests.
A thread is a material that takes on a thousand forms, but that keeps its essence forever,
the vital energy that has always made him unique.

A thread is a meeting, between delicacy and strength, between sweetness and resistance, between beginning and end, between effort and passion.

The thread follows humanity, but more often humanity follows the thread, listens to it as it suggests the roads
possible to create the fabric.

What is fabric?
The place where millions of realities intertwine, telling plots and warps of always new stories.

the shape that sublimates the thread, its highest expression.
The meaning of its existence”

Lanificio Europa

Our story

The Lanificio Europa was founded in 1966 thanks to the resourcefulness and farsightedness of Piero and Luigi Guarducci. The company initially established itself as a pure cloth manufacturer mainly dedicated to teased, like many other companies in Prato at the time. This productive output was maintained until 1987, when the company’s top management has adopted a new strategy, converting to cotton and in particular to elastic denim.

A courageous and ambitious choice, unusual for the tradition of Prato and Tuscany, always dedicated to wool.

A real bet, which in a few years proved to be winning. The Lanificio Europa quickly became a leader in the cotton strecht sector, thanks mainly to the vertical structure of the company and the flexibility of the proposal.

Even today the company, which in the meantime has expanded its horizons, growing together with the market and establishing itself as an absolute reference in the sector, is led by the second generation of the Guarducci family, always ready to face the challenges imposed by the new trends thanks to ten years of experience and a competent staff, qualified and always up to date.

Today the Lanificio Europa is a textile company able to offer essential services such as customization of the product, with the possibility for the customer to realize their ideas directly from the textile frame. The fabrics produced by the company, mainly on cotton base, can be enriched with prints, sheets, embroidery and many other processes. A mix of techniques, innovative machinery and a big warehouse with raw materials available for a unique service on the market, which manages to produce varied products of different types in a short period of time.

The textile tradition of the Guarducci family has been the pride of the company for over forty years. The passion of the Lanificio Europa team for this work finds its source in a sincere link with its roots and with the healthy values ​​of the past. Each fabric used is produced at the companies of the group, exclusively in Italy, and the real focus of the structure lies in the impeccable and scrupulous quality control.